Monday, 23 August 2010

Soap and Glory's Sit Tight - definitely not a bum deal

I feel I have the authority to review this, having new used a full tube of the stuff. I was slightly sceptical at first - partly because of the £14 price tag, which is rather a lot for S&G, and partly because anything claiming it would perk up my bum and work its magic on my cellulite could not possibly be true. 

However, being a huge S&G addict (particularly their pink range, which I adore and keep buying more and more of, even though I already own the whole range - it's so preeetty!), I just had to give this a go. 

I am pleased to report that this product will firm yer bum! Obviously it's not going to work miracles - you have to do a large number of squats to really get rid of your bumper, but it does have, in my opinion, a visible effect, and definitely makes your bum feel firmer to touch. 

I use this every morning after my shower, and leave it to sink in for a couple of minutes before getting dressed. You will then start to feel a distinct deep-heat style warming of your derriere, which feels rather nice as you're sitting in your car or on the train on the way to work - a bit like a heated seat. So that's lovely. The smell is slightly medicinal, but this doesn't really put me off. I do think it is a cumulative effect, because when I have a few days off from using it, I really notice the difference. I'm definitely confident rocking my tight pencil skirts, as this appears to have banished the wobble, which I am over the moon about. 

The good thing is that although this product is expensive in comparison with the rest of Soap and Glory line, it is much cheaper than the posher creams claiming to work on your cellulite, so I'm pretty sure I'll keep re-purchasing for now. It'll be a nice winter bum-warmer too once the weather starts getting colder. 

Kudos to Soap & Glory for yet another lovely product that will sit proudly on my dresser. You can get your hands on it at Boots or Harvey Nicks. 

Come back soon!

Belle de Beauty

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