Sunday, 22 August 2010

No More Crows Feet!!

Funny that Belle is reviewing skincare first. Obviously, lovely skin is the best canvas for flawless makeup. And while she's in her 20s and able to, she wants to stop time taking its toll quite so harshly. So, an easy mission, no?

Belle's ever-so-honest other half (you will be hearing more from him in a useful 'honesty is the best policy'-type contribution) recently informed her she had 'crow's feet'. Unbelievable. So, naturally, Belle's quest was on for an eye cream to either stop the wrinkles or at least do something that would help hide them.

Now, I have tried out many an eye cream. From reputable brands, who make other products that I love. But for some reason, they are either incredibly drying around my delicate eye area, or they appear to make no difference whatsoever. And they're never cheap. None of us want wrinkles, so I guess it's easy for a company to make the most of that. Nonetheless, I have now found my holy grail, after a mammoth search.

Unfortunately, for Belle's wallet, the answer seems to come in the form of one of the most expensive creams I have tried. Typical. And when I say expensive, I mean eyewatering. So far I am still surviving on little sample pots they gave me at the counter, but when they run out, I may be forced to spend £123 on a teeny tiny little 15ml pot. 

The answer to every woman's quest to banish wrinkles? Creme De La Mer's Eye Concentrate. It is so incredibly nourishing, smells divine, feels luxurious to apply (so it should, at that price). And I absolutely swear it has reduced the fine lines around my eyes. Now I could be wrong, but Belle's very discerning gentleman friend agrees. Although he doesn't know the price, which might change his opinion. If you buy the proper full sized version, you even get a little spatula to apply it with which keeps the whole thing hygienic. The one down-side is the packaging, which looks luxurious, but anything in a jar is open to contamination. 

Incidentally, among the host of other eye creams I tried in this experiment include the whole spectrum of quality and price: La Prairie's Cellular Radiance Eye Cream (£92 for 15ml) - too drying and smelt like old ladies, Ren's Active 7 Radiant Eye Maintenance Gel (£18 for 15ml) - felt like applying water, and with pretty much the same effect too, although nice packaging, and Dermalogica's Total Eye Care (around £34 for 15ml) - as recommended by my qualified face mapping lady, but a bit of a blah product IMHO. 

So there you have it ladies, I've told you where to look. At least go and blag a sample of the La Mer if you can and the results will speak for themselves. 


Belle de Beauty

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